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JB1209 Fin Intern


地址:上海市虹梅路1535, 星联科研大厦1号楼








熟悉excelMicrosoft office办公软件操作



If you are interested in this position, Please send CV(both Chinese and English in a WORD) with subject “JB1209 Fin Intern -Name –University- Major-Grade” e.g  JB1209 Fin Intern -XX - XX大学–XX专业- 研二”


 JB1178  Product&Mkt  intern


地址:上海市虹梅路1535, 星联科研大厦1号楼



Job Description:

1.       Handle Commercial samples and Approbation samples order and shipment

2.       Consumer Luminaire contact window 

3.       China export data analysis abd Sell out data analysis ASEAN

4.       Track 12NC creation process

5.       Monthly financial report

6.       Commercial spec database

7.       12NC FCP overview (project together with CT)

8.       Packing artwork verification

9.       Admin tasks


1)     Can support 6 months internship in PM team

2)     Good verbal/ written English skill

3)     Skillful in excel, powerpoint

4)     Major in Marketing or sales is a plus          


If you are interested in this position, Please send CV(both Chinese and English in a WORD) with subject “JB1178 Product & Mkt Intern -Name –University- Major-Grade”e.g  JB1178 Product & Mkt Intern -XX - XX大学–XX专业- 研二”


JB1216 Admin Intern 


地址:上海田林路88810号飞利浦上海创新科技园1号楼  - 地铁9号线合川路站


Job description:

1.     Transition part: which incl but not limited to work on the PPT of business case and @investor “excel”

2.     Operational part, to develop the holistic data sheet of facility operation for GrC PRE and ensure itself reported accurately

3.     Track the cost following by the Annual budget at GrC lever, and manage the outstanding cost of leasing, property management fee, deposit... on monthly basis

4.     Maintain the Landlord and key supplier list for PRE GrC

5.     Landlord interface for leasing contract renewal and disposal (Phone interview)

6.     Manage all contract, especially for: tenancy contract, property management contract and LSA with key supplier. 

7.     Other follow-up on the data management and process development

8.     PO tracking and pre-review of “incidental work cost tracking”

9.     Manage the data of GFA, occupancy, seats, and vacancy cross the region

10.   Cost analysis for leasing, operation and project spend and develop the report as need.  

11.   Other taskforce assigned by Vincent, Kelvin.


The technical requirement:

1.     1~2 years transition, Admin background in MNC. (can be intern)

2.     Familiar with local code and transition practice

3.     Easy going and open mind, especially willing to learn from others

4.     Mastery of office software, PPT, excel...

5.     Good sense of data and cost analysis

6.     Good skill to manage administrative issue


If you are interested in this position, Please send CV to

(both Chinese and English in a WORD) with subject “JB1216 Admin Intern -Name –University- Major-Grade”

e.g  JB1216 Admin Intern -XX - XX大学–XX专业- 研二”


JB1143 HR Intern 




Job description:

1. 查看CMS系统中的员工邮件,并按照特定流程分配邮件。

2. 根据固定模板回复员工咨询。


Job qualification:

1. 倾向于大三或者研究生二年级学生,能提供充足的实习时间(每周4天以上)。

2. 工作认真、踏实,有耐心。

3. 英语阅读能力佳。擅长计算机操作。


If you are interested in this position, Please send CV(both Chinese and English in a WORD) with subject “JB1143 HR Intern-Name –University- Major-Grade”

e.g  “JB1143 HR Intern -王XX - XX大学 –XX专业- 研二”